“Music used to suck. Critics were looking for the next best thing to strap themselves to and claim it was their contribution that made bands big. Record company bosses saw something they envied so they made it theirs. They owned the bands, they bottled the talent. Charts were in tatters, middle class white kids living in the home counties of England where listening to American hip hop made in poverty ridden cities and claiming they could 'link' to what was being said. Music was used to add to one's reputation and status. Music was an accessory, like a teenager's burberry scarf or a scenesters aviators. Music was used to build the walls between stereotypes in culture. You like hip hop, your a thug who would mug me given half the chance; You like rock, your a reclusive teenager who doesn't wash; you like classical music, your a mummies boy and so on and so forth. Bands came along that tried to blur these lines, get rid of labels. They were simply put into made up categories because the people who listened to them wanted to know what type of person they were for listening to them. Where they indie? Where they emo? Where they a chav? Alternative? Punk? Rude Boy? Gangsta? Life is unique and music is its soundtrack. Rip up the labels, knock down the walls, getting bored with the ordinary? Listen to ArtKrimes”
Three tracks were recorded today; Tear Me Up, Disco Song and Forever. Check them out here:
Saturday, 27 May 2006