For recording bands I offer two different services; session recordings and multitrack recordings. To help you decide which is best for you, here is a description of the two services.
Session Recording
    This is when everything is mic’d up and everyone plays the song together instrumentally for the vocals to be added later. The track can then be mixed on the computer to make sure everything in the track is the right volume. This method is the most cost-effective way of making a recording, as well as being the easiest and the quickest. It also allows bands to be a lot more comfortable, since you are all playing together as normal. It will produce songs with a much more “live” feel; the process itself is very similar to when bands are recorded whilst performing live at a venue like The Pitz.
    Pricing for session recording is based mainly around how many tracks you do, however, you will also incur extra fees if you have an especially large band (more than five members) or if you require more mixing work to be done after the end of the session.
Multitrack Recording
    Multitrack recording allows you a lot more control over the sound of your recordings and they will have more of a “studio” vibe. The essence of this method is that all of the instruments are recorded playing on their own and are then are layered up (or multitracked) to form the completed song. The increased flexibility this offers allows for more mics to be used on drums and for guitars to be overlaid each other more easily, amongst other things. For multitrack recording to be cost-effective, you have to know your songs inside out and be able to play them without the normal accompaniment you may have. Although this is extra effort, the results are well worth it.
    Pricing for multitrack recording is by the hour and can be spread over as long a period as you like. The cost covers every part of the process, including mixing done outside of recording sessions.  
If you are unsure about which method is the best for you then feel free to email me. I’ll be more than happy to answer any questions that you have.
Session or Multitrack?